The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

Harassed by debt collectors? Learn your rights – and how we can help protect them.

About 80% of Americans are in some type of debt, including mortgage and home equity debt, credit card and personal loan debt, and debt related to medical expenses and unexpected emergencies. And unfortunately, for many people, the amount of debt they’re carrying becomes overwhelming. Before they know it, they’ve fallen behind in their payments and their accounts have gone to collections. And then the phone calls and letters begin.

Day in and day out, consumers find themselves bullied and harassed by debt collectors who use unscrupulous methods to instill fear and shame into people who are already overwhelmed by their financial responsibilities. These methods aren’t only scary, they’re also illegal.

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (or FDCPA) was designed to protect you from debt collection agencies’ harassing and abusive practices, including:

  • Contacting you at work
  • Using obscene, abusive or threatening language
  • Contacting you after you’ve asked them in writing to stop making such contact
  • Calling you very early in the morning or late in the evening
  • Calling you over and over again
  • Providing or reporting false information about the amount of your debt or the legal status of your debt
  • Contacting you after you’ve indicated you’re being represented by a lawyer

Debt collectors and collection agencies that are found to be in violation of these practices can be held liable and sued for damages. But as with most legal actions, you need to work with an attorney who’s experienced in FDCPA regulations in order to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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