Fair Credit Reporting Act

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Don’t let credit report errors ruin your life. We can help.

Your credit report can have a huge bearing on your life, preventing you from getting car financing, a mortgage, a personal loan – even a job. Yet many consumers don’t even know what’s on their reports until they wind up being turned down for one of these opportunities. And often, they find out they’ve been turned down through no fault of their own, but because one or more of their reports contains an error that’s making them look like a poor credit risk.

FCRA & Your Credit

FCRA is a federal law dating back to 1970 (and subsequently amended) that controls how the credit reporting agencies collect, distribute and verify your credit information, providing powerful protections for consumers. Under FCRA, if you find an error on your credit report, the credit reporting agency has very specific guidelines it must follow to investigate the error and resolve it – and they must do so in a timely manner.

Now, it’d be nice to think the credit bureaus would work extra hard to investigate and fix credit errors. But actually, getting an error fixed can be a long and protracted process. And in the meantime, your credit is suffering, and that’s having a direct impact on your life, your finances, and your future.

Your Boise FCRA Attorney

At Barkley Smith Law, PLLC, our lawyers understand the importance of credit, and we also understand the laws that protect consumers’ rights. We work tirelessly with clients from Boise, Canyon and Ada Counties, and throughout the Treasure Valley region to gather evidence and develop strong cases that support our clients’ rights and ensure the rules under FCRA are being upheld and adhered to. What’s more, if the credit reporting agency is in violation of FCRA regulations, we can also help you pursue damages so you’re compensated for any losses you may have incurred.

Don’t let credit report errors ruin your life. Contact Barkley Smith Law, PLLC, today and find out how we can help you protect your rights.