A DUI charge is serious. Don’t fight it alone.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you could be facing some serious penalties, including loss of your license or your car, steep fines and even jail time. Plus, even a first-time DUI conviction can make it harder to get a job and affect other areas of your life as well – for years and years to come.

All too often, defendants wind up pleading no contest to a DUI, just to “get it over with.” That’s one of the worst things you can do. An experienced DUI lawyer knows how to review and analyze evidence to seek out weaknesses and outright errors that could have you convicted unfairly. Often, these errors result in having your charges reduced or thrown out entirely.

Experienced Boise DUI Attorney

As a leading DUI attorney in Boise, the attorneys at Barkley Smith Law, PLLC, help DUI clients in Canyon and Ada Counties and throughout the Treasure Valley area protect their rights, working hard to create strong cases that aggressively support every client’s best interests. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, don’t try to handle it yourself. Contact Barkley Smith Law and schedule a consultation today to learn how we can help.